Good afternoon, and Welcome! to "Publishing Today - GuangDong 2002."
We in the Bay Area are fortunate to have such esteemed members of the GuangDong community here today to share with us or National Holiday of Thanksgiving. It is good fortune that this day was chosen to begin the USA tour!

We at SBS are privileged to be a part of the Expo launch and wish to acknowledge : Mr Wang Guike - Deputy Director of GuangDong Press and Publishing Bureau

Mr. Yan Xiaoxi - General Accountant of GuangDong Publishing Import & Export Company and, Mr. Chen Jianlin - General Manager of GuangDong Publishing Import & Export Company

GuangDong is commonly acknowledged to be one of the most important centers of business activity today . We encourage everyone here to meet our guests, speak with them, ask them questions, - and GET READY to experience the future of global publishing...

Thank you.