EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Service Project

EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Service Project

By providing us with summary of your EB-5 document in details, your questionnaire and other forms that you require, we will perform additional analysis for you to help on determine which project best meets your immigration and investment goals in 24 hours.

We provide national immigration laws based on client’s different background with our professional consultants and their experiences.

· Experience professional consultants
· Handles a wide variety of immigration-related issues
· U.S registered immigration lawyer
· Perfected professional project procedure
· Experienced of successful applications
· Reliable, comprehensive Immigration Consulting service

1. EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Procedure Inquiry Service
2. EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Assessment
3. EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Assets Evaluation