EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Service Procedure

EB-5 (Employment Based Fifth Preference) Service Procedure

SBS is fully committed to providing our clients comprehensive services that will guide the prospective investor through the EB-5 investment and immigration process in order to achieve their goal of a permanent investor visa into the United States.

EB-5 processing step-by-step at your fingertips! Following are EB-5 procedures:

1. Select a suitable U.S. immigration attorney and then the Regional Center EB-5 project. Many relevant documents concerning the Regional Center and the particular EB-5 project must be reviewed. Most EB-5 potential investors do not even know which documents should be reviewed with more attention, and this is where an experienced EB-5 attorney can help.

2. Receive classified information memorandum which has indicate responsibilities and obligations of the person who concerned, the relevant laws and regulations.


3. Sign standard documents, such as a Retainer Agreement with the selected U.S. immigration attorney, Subscription Agreement to participate in a particular Regional Center EB-5 project.


4. Start preparing necessary documents for the submission of I-526 immigrant petition, and then get the requisite funds ($500,000.000) ready to be deposited into a designated government guaranteed securities for a period of five years. Presently, New York City Operational regional center fees around $30,000.

5. After placing the requisite funds in the designated escrow bank, submit the I-526 petition and supporting documents with USCIS.

6. Once the From I-526 is approved, requisite funds would be investing capital to develop investment project.

7. USCIS will give interview to investors who have ratification, after pass the interview, investors and their family members will receive temporary green card when entering the United States.

8. Investors and their family members can live freely in the United States.

9. Between 21 to 25 months after the CPR acquisition date, apply for I-829 conditions removal application with the appropriate documents, including evidence of job-creation (directly, indirectly or a combination).

10. Once the petition is approved, Investors will receive permanent Green Card. After five years, Investors and their family members is allowed to permanently live and work in the United States.

SBS offer a unique service to our clients:

· To examine documents
· Who seeking information on EB-5 investment
· Recommend some successful cases
· Help on select/contact the Regional Center
· Collaborate Immigration applications