Frontsql Ebiz Solution For Global Small Business
Content manager-the first element of frontsql ebusiness plateform.
Business today have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous online and offline channels for distributing their products and services. These Buisness encounter many difficulties in ensuring that information and customer service are provided consistently and efficiently across various market touch points.

Effective content is especially important for e-commerce interactions. But producing high quality, up-to-date, diverse content and integrating it efficiently into an e-commerce environment is a significant challenge for many businesses as it is time consuming, resource-intensive, and costly.

Customers and trading partners expect real-time, dynamic information to support key transaction decisions. Unfortunately, the product and company content that is critical for e-commerce is usually created by numerous contributors, stored in disparate systems, available in different media and on multiple devices. Enterprises have significant problems managing this content through complex workflow processes, resulting in ineffective content control and utilization.

Integrating E-Commerce and Content Management
FrontSQL has an innovative content management solution that is deeply integrated with the FrontSQL product and service and effectively solves the many content problems that today e-businesses face.

FrontSQL Content Management enables enterprises to:

Improve the efficiency of creating and delivering the right content at the right time through multiple channels
Create or update product content once and use it anywhere, in any format and on any device
Reduce the cost of maintaining and updating content in different formats with a single, web-based content management system
Enhance site effectiveness and consistency by providing more valuable and up-to-date content to customers and business partners .

The first element in FrontSQL plateform
FrontSQL Content Management is a first element of the FrontSQL Platform that enables enterprises to centralize and automate commerce and content processes on a single platform. The FrontSQL Content Management system provides a central repository and control center for diverse pieces of business content that are created by any authorized contributors in the organization and are usually held in disparate systems. This enables an enterprise to manage content for any internet, intranet, and extranet site, and a wide variety of output devices, all from the central, web-based Content Management Center.

Ensuring Content Consistency and Maximizing Utilization
The integration of e-commerce and content management systems on a single platform, along with the strong XML and XSL support of FrontSQL Content Management, ensures that content can be updated, approved, and fully utilized on any e-commerce site and through any output channel in a matter of minutes. This eliminates manual workflows that can take hours, days, or even weeks to update commerce-related content. It improves an enterprise's time-to-market with the latest product-related information, ensuring that customers have access to all of the information they need before making a transaction.

FrontSQL Content Management also allows more consistent corporate branding and marketing messages across all channels. As a result, enterprises are able to save costs and leverage more consistent, up-to-date, value-added content for more productive e-commerce sites.