SBS Web optimization service
Site analysis - You will receive a 3 page outline of your site's current situation including ranking, listings, problems and likely outcomes of the problems. This is basically an impact analysis of your current site and the likely impact of changes we would make.
Page optimisation - Your site will be broken down in to critical areas and ‘power’ pages will be identified and taken down for complete page optimisation which includes Meta data, text changes and internal linking strategies.
Code washing - Your code for all the power pages will be completely cleaned and optimised for quick download and removal of all unwanted or unnecessary code as well as specific optimisation for the search engines.
Internal link strategies - We will construct a complete internal link strategy which fits in with the web crawling robots path through your site. This allows all your pages within your site to be correctly categorised and indexed by the search engines.
Submission service - Hand written and hand submitted to paid for and free inclusion sites. Keyword and consumer orientated submission of domains and pages to search engines to maximise traffic in the US. Google monitor - Weekly Google monitor to allow you access to fresh updates and changes in positions on Google in the US and around the world.
Reciprocal link strategies - Dedicated reciprocal link manager to handle page ranking links from similar sites in your industry to boost your search engine positioning.
Micro sites - Dedicated keyword targeted micro sites specifically designed to push traffic to your sites and to allow the consumer to find out targeted information about specific parts of your company / product.
Domain strategies - We have over 1000 domains that are keyword specific to allow you to use a domain that will guarantee the maximum amount of traffic for your specific keywords.