Strategic IT Plan
Providing you with the advice and hands-on support you need now. Leaving you with the methodologies, tools and know-how to guide you in the future. Our subject driven consulting engagements, have clearly defined actions and deliverables coupled with reasonable set pricing. The value you receive for your time and money will be evident, with no hourly rate surprises.
Key activities we will deliver: Provide our step-by-step "Consulting Methodology: Strategic IT Planning" (see outline above) Facilitate sessions and/or conduct interviews at your site to:
Conduct "kick-off" session to review the project scope, objectives, deliverables, team members and roles.
Identify the organization's current state with respect to its general nature of business, business processes, clients, constraints, and perceived threats and opportunities.
Determine the future business objectives and direction of the organization.
Clarify and document current technical infrastructure and planned direction (if known).
Assess gaps and identify real opportunities.
Prioritize opportunities.
Conduct a comprehensive survey of key stakeholders outside of the project team, to determine their perspectives on corporate objectives, internal needs and customer needs;.
Develop a final recommendations document including gap analysis, key recommendations, and roadmap to move forward.
Present findings and recommendations to executive team
Provide on-going telephone and email support while you are building and executing your plan.