Strategic IT Plan
Building a comprehensive Strategic IT Plan that is aligned with your organization's business plan is essential in ensuring the success of your department. For many IT decision-makers, the amount of time it takes to develop such a plan, and the unknown process required to complete it, makes strategic IT planning a daunting task. At SBS, we have had repeated experience in developing such plans, and have created four methods for you to access this information and experience. These four different offerings all tackle the same issue of strategic IT planning, but offer differing levels of support and analyst involvement. Take a look and see which solution fits your needs. Do you know what your peers are doing in terms of strategic IT planning? "Use of Strategic IT Planning by Medium-Sized Enterprises" illustrates how utilizing strategic IT planning can make your IT department more effective and make your entire organization more competitive. This report illustrates the positive impact strategic IT planning can have on an organization, and helps you justify and prepare for implementing it in your organization.
A step-by-step guide that enables you to independently walk though the process of creating an IT strategic plan that will fit with your company’s overall business strategy. Included with the Consulting Methodology: Best practice information in an informative step-by-step workbook; PowerPoint templates to build a professional and dynamic document to present your plan to peers and senior management and Word and Excel templates on a CD that will enable you to work through the process, hands on. Topics covered in this Consulting Methodology include: Plan the Process: Save time in execution by “pre-planning” your strategic plan. Document Your Business Strategy: Identify, define, and understand you company's business objectives. Set Your IT Strategy: Establish your departmental vision, mission and values. Assess the Current IT Situation: Discover and document where your department stands today. Propose a New IT Situation: Capitalize on technological opportunities and design your new IT department. Perform a Gap Analysis: Identify the gaps in where you are versus where you want to be. Bridging the Gap: Develop tactical and operational goals that will help you make your IT vision a reality. Communicate the Results: Grow relationships and build consensus to move your project ahead.
Collaboration is the key. Couple your company knowledge with our proven methodology, expert analysis, and advice -- an approach that will help get you focused and moving in the right direction, quickly. Key activities we will deliver:
Provide our step-by-step Consulting Methodology-Strategic IT Planning (see outline above)
Conduct a day education session on strategic planning
Deliver a day overview/training session on utilizing our Consulting Methodology
Facilitate a 1 day session around key areas of concern/interest
Provide ongoing telephone and e-mail support to aid you in building your plan
Analyze your draft plan, identify gaps, provide further recommendations
Review final executive presentation and deliver any final suggestions.