E-business Strategy
E-business has the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business, extending organizations far beyond four walls and automating much of the collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers. SBS Research Group can help you shape your company‘s e-business strategy. We have packaged our extensive experience and knowledge into three different service levels. These three different levels all tackle the same issue of e-business planning, but offer differing levels of support and analyst involvement. Take a look and see which solution best fits your needs. A step-by-step guide that enables you to independently walk though the process of creating a successful e-business strategy -- one that is profitable and will fulfill your company‘s business needs. Included with the Consulting Methodology: Best practice information in an informative step-by-step workbook; PowerPoint templates to build a professional and dynamic document to present your plan to peers and senior management; and Word and Excel templates on a CD that will enable you to work through the process, hands on. Topics covered in this Consulting Methodology include: Plan the Plan Document Your Business Strategy Current E-Business Project Assessment Current E-Business Environment Assessment Current E-Business Infrastructure - Systems Analysis Set E-Business Vision and Strategic Objectives E-Business Project Prioritization Building Complete Business Cases Integrating & Finalizing E-business Initiatives Creating Detailed project Plans Selection, Design, Implementation & Measurement Change Management Ongoing E-Business Governance
Collaboration is the key. Couple your company knowledge with our proven methodology, expert analysis, and advice. An approach that will help get you focused and moving in the right direction, quickly. Key activities we will deliver: Provide our step-by-step Consulting Methodology-E-Business Strategy (see outline above); Facilitate a 1 day education session on e-business issues including, "What is E-Business??" "Most Common E-Business Technologies" and "How To Get Started"; Deliver a ? day overview/training session in utilizing our Consulting Methodology; Conduct a 1 day session around key areas of concern/interest; Provide telephone and e-mail support to aid you in building your plan; Review your draft plan and e-business roadmap, identify gaps, provide further recommendations; Assess final executive presentation and deliver final suggestions. Who should attend: E-Business councils or anyone involved in setting the strategic direction of your company, particularly as it relates to business development, sales, marketing, IT and supply chain management. Ideal group size 6-12 participants.
Providing you with the advice and hands-on support you need now. Leaving you with the methodologies, tools and know-how to guide you in the future. Our subject driven consulting engagements, have clearly defined actions and deliverables coupled with reasonable set pricing. The value you receive for your time and money will be evident, with no hourly rate surprises. Key activities we will deliver: Provide our step-by-step "Consulting Methodology: E-Business Strategy"; Facilitate sessions and/or conduct interviews at your site to: Conduct "kick-off" session to review the project scope, objectives, deliverables, team members and roles. Educate the group on e-business issues including "What is E-Business", "Most Common E-Business Technologies", and "How to Get Started".