Disaster recovery planning
Disaster recovery planning is essential in today‘s world. Risk identification, documentation, and plan creation are all vital steps in ensuring you and your department are prepared for the challenges life can present. Our experts at SBS Research Group have developed a focused approach to tackling this complex and important issue. Review our consulting programs outlined below to determine if one of these solutions is right for your organization. Our consulting services will provide you with the advice and hands-on support you need now, and leave you with the methodologies, tools, and know-how to guide you in the future. Our subject-driven consulting engagements have clearly defined actions and deliverables, coupled with reasonable set pricing. The value you receive for your time and money will be evident, with no hourly rate surprises. Within the disaster recovery field, we offer four service options. This segmentation allows you to select the option that best suits your organization‘s needs. Each option provides comprehensive recommendation documents around disaster recovery planning, improved network functionality, and security. The end result, regardless of which option you select, is a more stable IT environment and a plan that allows your IT team to focus on looking ahead, rather than over their shoulders. Option A: Network Security Assessment Key activities/deliverables include: Project kick-off call: Introduce the concepts of disaster recovery planning and define the scope of the engagement. External penetration testing: We will conduct a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test to determine what network vulnerabilities exist from outside the firewall. The test identifies those machines that are visible externally, and the specific vulnerabilities that exist for each machine. This test does not exploit vulnerabilities. However, recommendations are provided for each vulnerability identified. Final report: Includes what your network looks like, what vulnerabilities exist, and the steps that should be taken to eliminate these vulnerabilities. Our Network and Security Specialist will review the report in detail with you and will discuss options for resolving specific problems. Completed by: Network and Security Specialist CONTACT US | PRICE: $3,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option B: Operational Analysis Key activities/deliverables include: Project kick-off meeting: Introduce the concepts of disaster recovery planning and define the scope of the engagement. All activities and deliverables outlined in Option A. On-site review/scan of internal security vulnerabilities: Here we focus on network security from behind the firewall. A comprehensive review of your entire network will be conducted, including determining vulnerabilities that may result from poor configuration, gaps in security, or out-dated service patches. Performance issues that may result from poor configuration will also be identified. Operational analysis of the following items: policies, practices, procedures physical security network practices critical services help desk passwords/usernames and account policies Internet use e-mail and anti-virus deployment connectivity issues backup data storage file storage equipment/system documentation review Final report: The operational analysis report includes detailed information from each analyzed IT operation identified above. We will note specific areas where best practices should be implemented to improve your overall, day-to-day operations. Our DRP Consultant and Network and Security Specialist will meet/conference with you to review the report and to respond to any questions you may have. Completed by: DRP Consultant and Network and Security Specialist CONTACT US | PRICE: $8,000