Optimizing Your IT Department
Does your IT department align with your organization's goals and strategic plan? Do you have the right compliment of IT professionals to serve your firm's needs? Do you have clear roles and responsibilities set for each of your team members, and has this information been clearly communicated? These are some of the issues that SBS INC can help you through, with our "Optimizing Your IT Department" solutions.
Our two different services both tackle the same issue of optimizing your IT department, but each offers a different level of support and analyst involvement. Take a look and see which solution best fits your needs.
Collaboration is the key. Couple your company knowledge with our proven consulting methodology, expert analysis, and advice. An approach that will help get you focused and moving in the right direction, quickly. Key activities we will deliver: Provide a copy of SBS INC‘s "Mastering Management - Essential Tools & Techniques for IT Professionals". Review the current IT department structure, staffing levels, job descriptions, and any IT or business strategic documents/plans; Interview key personnel on current projects and determine where you are now relative to organizational goals. Analyze the gaps between current state and desired future state. Provide a best practices report covering "What's Happening in IT Staffing".
Our consulting service will provide you with the advice and hands-on support you need now and leave you with the methodologies, tools, and know-how to guide you in the future. Our subject driven consulting engagements have clearly defined actions and deliverables coupled with reasonable set pricing. The value you receive for your time and money will be evident, with no hourly rate surprises. Key activities we will deliver: Facilitate sessions and/or conduct interviews at your site to: Conduct "kick-off" session to review the project scope, objectives, deliverables, team members, and roles. Identify the department's current state with respect to its fit with the overall organization. Determine the current skill set of your team members. Clarify any corporate culture issues which may have an impact on your department. Understand current projects and future anticipated projects and their impact on staffing. Review any IT or business strategy documents/plans. Analyze current IT department structure, staffing levels, and job descriptions. Provide best practices report covering "What's Happening in IT Staffing." Rewrite or create key job descriptions and related performance measures (up to five). Develop a final report, including a gap analysis, analysis of findings, and our recommendations. Provide a copy of SBS INC's "Mastering Management - Essential Tools & Techniques for IT Professionals". Deliver six months of ongoing mentoring and support from our subject-matter experts via telephone and email.