SBS List manager
Making List Research More Efficient for List Brokers This advanced online service provides complete evaluations of direct marketing lists so list brokers can make list recommendations easily. You can access the latest datacard information on over 35,000 direct marketing list options, finding the right alternatives quickly. Search by a wide range of criteria ensuring you explore all viable options: List Type Text/key word search SBS Market Classification Date Search List Source Gender Selection E-mail lists and e-mail selects Once you have conducted your search, you can access comprehensive datacard information on each specific list including: List Segments (available breakouts, quantity and price) List Description Gender and Age Breakdown List Source Available Selections SBS Market Classification Available Media/Output List Rental Policy List Manager/Owner: -Company Name -Contact Name -Address -Phone & Fax -Internet URL Organize and save your results and recommendations by project or client to use for future reference Customize and distribute datacards and reports electronically so you save time. Available to SBS-recognized list brokers and their mailer clients. Call for more detailed information. Need All the SBS List Rental Data with Fewer Electronic Capabilities?? Click Here To See What The SBS Direct Marketing List Offers. SBS Direct Marketing List Source, a comprehensive directory of list rental information, delivers the superior SBS direct marketing data in print and online formats.