Top100 Awards (Chinese)

10TH Annual TOP 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards


Chinese Restaurant Foundation 
The mission of the Chinese Restaurant Foundation is to unify and promote the development of the Chinese restaurant industry, by funding support to restaurant owners who demonstrate need and enriching communication among its members. The Chinese Restaurant Foundation is honored to take over the organizer baton, and become the host of the prestigious annual ranking competition of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards. 


Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards - About 
The Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards is a national event that recognizes, cultivates, and preserves the best in Chinese cuisine standards and excellence. This special event awards the Top 100 restaurants in four categories. Recognition is awarded for excellence in two categories of dishes (Signature Dishes and Healthy Menus), and restaurants (Local Favorites and the most prestigious category, Overall Excellence). 


The Top 100 competition is open to all Chinese restaurants in the U.S., garnering participation from newly established restaurants, seasoned restaurants, chain restaurants, as well as past winners. A list of the winners can be found on


General Criteria for Contest Candidates 
In order to qualify for entry into the competition, all restaurant nominees must meet each of the following criteria: 
1. The restaurant must have been in business for a minimum of 3 years (with the exception of restaurants in the Rising Stars category);

2. The restaurant must be the recipient of a minimum of two awards recognizing local dining excellence;
3. At least 50% of the menu items must be related to Chinese or Asian cuisine. Asian cuisines include Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Pacific Islander, and any other Pan-Asian cuisines. 


Scoring Criteria 
Top 100 Chinese Restaurants (Overall Excellence) in scored with adherence to the following criteria:
1. Food: Restaurant dishes are judged and evaluated, and critical factors such as consistency, quality, taste, and variety are taken into consideration.
2. Décor and atmosphere: Restaurant design and style are evaluated according to the restaurant type, such as family-style, upscale, buffet, take-out, special theme, and chains.
3. Service: Restaurants are rated according to levels of customer satisfaction, friendliness, and efficiency.
4. Cleanliness and presentation: Restaurant dining rooms, kitchens, and restrooms are evaluated, and candidates are judged for their level of compliance with the health department.
5. Value: Restaurants will be recognized for outstanding offerings under optimum costs. 


Awards Categories 

The Top 100 Overall Excellence Awards
All candidate restaurants are automatically entered in this category. The top 100 restaurants with the highest scores will be awarded a Top 100 Overall Excellence Award. 


Top 100 Local Favorites
In this category, restaurant winners are recognized for maintaining an important community presence and for having a significant and devoted patron base. 


Top 100 Healthy Menus
This category recognizes Chinese restaurants that are meeting the standards of a growing wave of healthy diners. 


Top 100 Signature Dishes
In this category, restaurant winners are awarded for their unique and exceptional signature dishes which distinguish them from their peers. 


Voting Structure & Selection Process 

Mystery Diner Evaluation
This is an on-site evaluation component for the award selection. This real time anonymous assessment is performed by a mystery dining Service Company. A mystery diner is sent to visit and evaluate each restaurant. The diner’s written report and scorecard contribute to the restaurant’s overall score. 


Public Votes 
Votes by the general public can be submitted in two ways:
1.    In-Person – Guests can obtain ballots at the restaurant, cast their votes, and turn them in. The restaurant then sends the ballots to Chinese Restaurant News.
2.    Online – Guests can log onto the Top 100 website, and cast their votes. Results will be automatically displayed.
3.    Social Website - Log on the social website, such as FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and cast their votes. 


Culinary Awards 
The restaurant can submit diner testimonials and any awards it has already earned, including local honors or positive reviews on popular online dining guides. 


Critiques and Diner Reviews 
This segment involves collaboration with prominent community forum, the ultimate city guide which taps into the community's voice and reveals honest and current insights on local businesses and services.  The restaurant’s reputation, popularity, and approval rating on will factor into its overall score. 


Committee Evaluation
An advisory panel of elected food critics, journalists, Chinese Restaurant News editors, and other industry experts will evaluate the restaurant's merits as a whole.