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Direct mail overviews

Did you know that 65% of all mail received by consumers is direct mail? That may not come as a shock when you consider what is in your own mailbox each day. Because of this number, it is important that your direct mail piece not look like junk mail, and that you carefully choose what will be included in your direct mail campaign.
Direct mail is designed to allow companies to target communications and to engage in a very unique, potentially interactive system of persuasion. Targeting markets through mail list management and very specifically defined demographics is one of the most effective and efficient ways for companies to reach their intended audience.

Compiling internal databases filled with personal purchasing patterns allows companies to persuade individual consumers to make more directed purchasing decisions.

Direct mail allows you to communicate one-on-one with your target audience, giving you greater control over what message they receive, when they receive it, who receives it, and ultimately how many people receive it. With a direct mail campaign you have more control than with other advertising mediums. It provides more flexibility and increased creative opportunities.

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