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Beer Study Results by CRN
2008/5/28 0:00:00
10-20 Cases per Month

Tsingtao, Budweiser, and Heineken command the lion’s share of the market in Chinese restaurants ordering 10-20 cases.

21-50 Cases per Month

Coors, Fat Tire, and Amstel move ahead of Corona in restaurants with heavier beer demand. Interestingly, Fat Tire shows up in 6th place ahead of bigger brands.

Over 50 Cases per Month

Though only 2% of surveyed restaurants reported ordering more than 50 cases per month, Tsingtao and Budweiser were the two most common brands. Runners up were common to restaurants ordering fewer cases, with Fat Tire once again showing a stronger than expected presence.

Under 10 Cases per Month

Attesting to the surprising numbers of Hispanics "eating Chinese," restaurants ordering under 10 cases a month show Mexcican brands Corona and Negra Modelo ranking #4 and #5, respectively with Tsingtao, Bud and Heineken still dominating.