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Soft Drink Survey Results by CRN – May 2008
2008/5/28 0:00:00
Coke AND Pepsi vs. Coke OR Pepsi

One benefit of ordering canned cola by the case is the ability to cater to customers with either brand preference. Though this costs more per serving to order and serve cola, about a quarter of Chinese restaurants do so.

The remaining 76% of restaurants surveyed reported only serving one cola brand.

Brand Loyal Restaurant Share

For the Chinese restaurants consistently ordering only one brand of cola, Coke enjoys a 60/40 advantage.

Mirroring a May online brand preference poll that gave Coke an additional two percentage points among the 300k+ respondents, Coke prevailed by 12 points in the 155 Chinese restaurants who reported offering cola to their patrons.

Coke and Pepsi hold about even shares among restaurants ordering up to ten cases a month. Coke dominates in restaurants ordering 20 to over 100 cases.

Interestingly, fountain drinks are far less common than canned drinks in American Chinese restaurants.

Broken down into servings (cans,) on average, restaurants serving Coke sell 130 more 12 ounce servings per month than those serving Pepsi.