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Asian Commuity In USA
2008/5/14 0:00:00
Ni hao! Greetings from China-In-America!

"Can't understand a word of Chinese Restaurant News?" You're experiencing what tens of thousands of non-English speaking restaurateurs in America experience often: incomprehensible information in an unfamiliar language.

If your brand isn’t enjoying the market share it deserves in America's $20- billion-annual-sales Chinese restaurant segment, do what Western Union, US Bankcard Services and Kikkoman do: quite literally, speak their language.

<Chinese Restaurant News reaches over 43,000 Chinese restaurant owners once a month with critical information written in our readers’ preferred language: Mandarin Chinese. If you would like to increase your sales by penetrating the largest insular ethnic B-to-B market in America, we’ve got more than one offer you’ll find hard to refuse. Just visit for details.
Sister publication Asian Restaurant News reaches over 21,000 restaurants offering Japanese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Pan-Asian cuisine. See information in the above link about running a test schedule for- no kidding- pennies per restaurant.

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Call now: 1-888-727-8881 extension 110, to learn about reaching this terrific market with advertising, putting our 150-person call center in China to work for your brand impacting a readership of over 64,000 Asian restaurant owners and operators in the USA.

Xie, xie (Many thanks!)

Asian Restaurant News

Chinese Restaurant News

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SBS brings advertisers the only monthly B2B publications and websites reaching the entire Asian restaurant industry throughout America.

Asian Restaurant News

Written in English, Asian Restaurant News (ARN) is the only magazine targting America’s top six Asian restaurant cuisines.

Chinese Restaurant News (CRN) reaches over 43,000 owner-operators with the only magazine written in this segment’s favored language: Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Restaurant News



Reflecting the relative popularity of non-Chinese Asian cuisines in America, Japanese themed restaurants command the largest share of ARN readers at 45%. Thai follows with 18%, Vietnamese, Indian, and Pan-Asian cuisine command 13%, 10%, and 9% respectively with Korean themed restaurants reflecting 6% of current readership.



A little known fact is that few Chinese restaurants are passed from first- to second-generation Chinese immigrants. This results in a constant rate of ownership turnover to new immigrants, a special “Restaurants For Sale” section every month in CRN, and readers with few fixed brand preferences.



The 1990's showed very strong growth of Asians in America, averaging nearly 53% over the decade. Moderating since 2000, growth remains a strong 35%, a rate projected through the end of the decade.
Chinese, Filipino, and Asian Indian segments account for more than half America’s Asian population. Filipinos are comparatively underrepresented among restaurant owners.

America's Largest High Quality Demographic?
With the highest levels of education, business ownership, and incomes of any ethnic group, Asian-Americans have mastered the keys to business success better than any other segment.