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Expanded Research Options
SBS Research offers a complete sales, marketing, and business research information solution.

We specialize in providing our clients with comprehensive business intelligence on 8,000 Chinese executive decision makers and 10,000 of the most important Chinese organizations around the globe. SBS Research's Global Research staff builds unique content unavailable through other sources using our own proprietary research methodology.

That unique content is integrated with other valuable resources to deliver a one-stop business intelligence solution: SBS Research Online, providing our clients a tool that delivers results in real-time with precision and ease.

SBS Research delivers:

VALUABLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Coverage of public and private companies and their key executive decision makers, including detailed executive level information, company descriptions, financials, current news, and corporate subsidiary linkages.

POWERFUL DISTRIBUTION: SBS Research Online provides sophisticated data delivery and valuable reports through a simple-to-use browser based tool that is customized to each user, and requires little or no training. Quickly bring powerful information to many users across your organization, customized to how, where, and when you need it. 

RESULTS: Achieve measurable ROI through immediate sales and marketing impact.