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The Fortune Cookie
2008/7/23 0:00:00
Chinese restaurant owners can turn waiting time into an enjoyable experience by offering customers "The Fortune Cookie.”

This glossy free publication entertains and educates patrons with brief articles about Chinese food, cooking, culture, and folklore. But that’s just the beginning of improving the customer experience. The most successful

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proprietors use “The Fortune Cookie” to profile their chef, describe signature dishes, highlight new recipes, and offer promotional coupons. Some even include their menu as a way to increase table turn.

When customers take home a copy of Fortune Cookie News having the restaurant name and phone number custom-printed on each cover creates a priceless in-home reminder of their restaurant experience. Is there a better way to nurture repeat customers?
For as little as $66 for 100 copies, The Fortune Cookie is an exceptionally cost effective way to increase customer loyalty and increase interest in all things related to Chinese cuisine.

For price quotes on standard and customized versions of “The Fortune Cookie,” please contact:
SBS Sales: 888-727-8881
Jenny Wang at extension 103. Email:
Lisa Li at extension 100. Email: