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How2USA Magazine
2008/5/14 0:00:00
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How2USA magazine quenches the information thirst of 120,000 Chinese-American entrepreneurs with expertise, tips, and resources for starting and operating a business in the United States. Written in their native Mandarin Chinese, How2USA reflects and, by engaging readers, influences the culture of successful entrepreneurship in America.

Readers find inspiring stories of accomplished entrepreneurs, and new business concepts and opportunities. The magazine also regularly includes expert advice on relevant issues such as:

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  • business start-ups
  • marketing and sales
  • promising new equipment
  • maximizing employee potential
  • navigating taxes and legal issues
  • e-commerce, the Internet and new technology
Read all over the country by entrepreneurs, How2Usa is a powerful resource for connecting with the growing Chinese-American business world.

Subscription costs:
12 issues per year
1 year: $36.00
2 years:$66.00
3 years: $88.00

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