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SBS Stands for Smart Business Services
SBS is a dynamic company providing Smart Business Services and solutions to those interested in the Chinese American businesses. With our expanding expertise in the Internet and e-commerce, we have grown since our first inception and have developed into a complete e-commerce business solution provider to the world, with,,, and We now have more resources than ever before, providing the most complete solutions to those interested in the Chinese business market. Today, we have the most complete and up to date database consisting of over 500,000 Chinese Households, 101,000 Chinese businesses and 36,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States! We also have over 300,000 other Asian businesses and household data as well. We are also in constant contact with the Chinese Mainland as well, keeping up to date information on Chinese Businesses in China as well.

We are always striving forward to make improvements to keep the most accurate and complete business database. With our national news magazine, the Chinese Restaurant News, we are often the first to get leads on any new restaurants, change of ownership, or relocation. With growing number of Chinese immigrants and current 3,000,000 Chinese immigrants living in the United States, this is a huge expanding market for anyone interested in doing business with this community. We keep a team working hard to make sure this valuable database is kept up to date on daily basis making sure that only the most accurate information is available to our clients.

The Chinese Restaurant News is the most widely distributed and most read magazine for the Chinese business community nationwide, distributed free of charge. Over the past 3 years, most of the advertisers in our magazine have continued to stay with us from the very beginning issue reaping the benefit of our database, distribution, and growth in Chinese business community and market in the United States.

With success of Chinese Restaurant News, we are now preparing another free quarterly magazine, the How-2-U.S.A., providing information and tips, resources, and tools to the Chinese immigrants how to start their own business in the United States. SBS is confident to make this magazine another popular Chinese magazine. We are sure that any business can benefit from the expanding high buying power of the Chinese American community, and SBS will be there every step of the way.