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Guiding Principles of SBS

Globalization, digitalization and personalization are three pillar strategies leading SBS through the digital economy.

Higher service levels and lower service costs has always been SBS?goal for its clients. To provide around-the-clock service all year round, SBS seeks vendors and suppliers world-wide and taps on the universal talent pool from various industries.

With and as the jumping board, starting from 2002, SBS planned to expand its business globally within the next three to five years by establishing branch offices, agencies either through franchising or partnering with local companies.

Digitalization at SBS means deployment of e-business software. Through its flagship multilingual FrontSQL eBiz Suite, SBS worldwide handles the daily routine work automatically and systematically within one network.

Every business flow and business transaction is executed through the World Wide Web. After four year抯 hard work, SBS抯 R4S successfully developed a multi-lingual enterprise software -- Front SQL eBiz Suite, which was ranked by Forrester Research as the No.1 e-business platform.

Nothing works without man, be it with digitalization or globalization. 揈very man is a talent in some aspect and every talent has a place to fill in the world.? Holding this as the tenet, SBS strives to cultivate a life-learning environment to help individuals challenge themselves and reach their potentials, thus creating a win-win situation both for the individual and for the company.

SBS leverages the power of people through on-the-job training, client-training, and e-learning sites such as,