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Transition to the 13-Digit ISBN for U.S. Publishers (4/4)
· Ordering services based on electronic communication systems like EDI (electronic data interchange) or via the Internet
· Stock control
· Monitoring internal logistic processes
· Accounting and billing
· Producing sales data
· Returns administration
· Producing subject lists and catalogs Centralized Library Service Organizations (which produce ready-to-borrow copies) use ISBN for:
· Ordering from publishers or wholesalers
· Processing orders from libraries
· Stock control
· Monitoring Internal logistic processes
· Accounting & Billing
· Administration of rebinding processes Booksellers use ISBN for:
· Bibliographic searches
· Tracing addresses
· Ordering and re-ordering processes based on electronic communication systems like EDI or via the Internet.
· Stock administration
· Accounting and billing the end consumer
· Electronic point-of-sale systems
· Web commerce applications Libraries use ISBNs for:
· Ordering
· Copy-cataloging
· Lending statistics
· National lending right
· Interlending
· Union catalogs