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How2China- Your information bridge to cross the Pacific
2008/5/13 0:00:00
The world is increasingly becoming one market. Globalization is bringing unstoppable change in trading conditions. It presents both huge threats and opportunities, and will impact on businesses in America whether or not they are exporters.

The past year has been another remarkable year of achievement for China and it is predicted that China will be the largest East Asian importer by 2005. Like many other small business owners, you are almost ready for a try, yet, you ask yourself, “ To go or not to go??” We know what stops you.

Information sharing begets mutual growth. With this belief, How2China magazine provides you - one of the 14,000,000 American entrepreneurs accurate, up-to-date business-related information about thousands of companies based in mainland China and the business culture, economic trends, tax rules, laws and regulations about specific industries in China.

How2China is compiled for you to browse through aisles of the products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers from China, become well oriented to the fast-emerging China market and find reliable trade partners. How2China acts as an interactive hub for Chinese suppliers and global buyers, be it foreign businesses seeking Chinese suppliers or Chinese businesses interacting with foreign buyers. Backed by efficient and reliable mix of online and offline value services, How2China enables you to materialize your business dreams, irrespective of the size or type of your business.

In How2China (Investment Edition), we provide you lists of investment ongoing projects, names and addresses of the project managers in mainland China; and in the same time, we give the lists of global venture capitalists as well as the lists of American Investment banks. In another word, we provide you a hit-and-go service with our huge daily-updated Front SQL business database owned by Smart Business Solutions.

In How2China(Industry Edition), we supply comprehensive lists of importers and exporters traders, joint venture companies, firms, plants, and other enterprises involved in active foreign trade throughout China of each industry:

Agriculture /Food Products Apparel & Clothing Auto Spares Business Services Chemicals/Plastics Computer Products Building Supplies Electronic/Electricals Education & Training Fashion Accessories & Supplies Gems & Jewelry Gifts and Home Products Hand/Machine Tools Handicrafts & Gifts Hardware Home Supplies Hotels & Resorts HR Agencies Industrial Supplies Medical & Pharmacy Merchant Exporters Miscellaneous Office Supplies Packaging & Paper ackers & Movers Plant & Machinery Printing & Publishing Real Estate Scientific Instrument Sports & Toys Telecommunication Textiles & Fabrics Travel Agents

As your industry-specific source for new products and suppliers, How2China provides you an overview of new products, introduction to suppliers‘ key information and suppliers‘ detailed contact information, it helps you get the best prices from both existing and new suppliers.

As a business catalogue made for your products/services, How2China is the gateway to the China market for foreign buyers and suppliers. It helps bringing businesses together, provides them complete business solutions and support services to conduct business online and offline. It nurturers communities of buyers & sellers, exporters & importers, service providers & seekers providing them with plethora of business opportunities.

With a deep understanding of your business needs, and a strategic network of global service partners, we have been able to create, nurture and constantly promote an ever-growing business community. Thus, if you wish to conduct business in China, How2China is the place for you. How2China gives you a highly cost efficient way to reach out to global buyers and suppliers and successfully conduct business with them.

We wish you success in your business!