SBS cutstom pulishing service
Custom publishing -- both online and in print -- is a marketing tool on the rise and an industry that is growing rapidly. How can it work for you?? SBS Custom Publishing How to represent the best of breed. All you have to do is browse our website, and you‘ll see why. SBS Custom publishing offer: Editorial Design Advertising Sales Direct Marketing Offshore Web 4Color printing ISSN number apply Research Circulation/Distribution Multi-language Editions Fulfillment Program Stragey Avertising/Marketing Design E-newsletter In-store promotiom/Merchantdising Database Management Online content Management Over the last ten years custom publishing has shown significant growth. The most recent survey measures it as a $1.5 billion industry, with a bullish future ahead. Increasingly marketers are allocating budgets to custom publishing as it is recognized as an effective and cost-efficient, customer-relationship tool.