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3-step branding process
Your company‘s up-front planning investment is usually dwarfed by the amount of media expended and production and printing costs incurred year after year to support your brand strategy and positioning. Getting the message right, from the start, helps assure that your brand succeeds in the marketplace. SBS Inc‘s 3-step branding process determines what customer needs your company satisfies, and then how it satisfies DIFFERENTLY and BETTER than competitors. 1. Defining your corporate objectives and initiatives. All your key decision makers participate in an SBS Inc-led workshop, to draft your company‘s vision and mission statements, and your short- and long-term business goals and opportunities. 2. Developing your brand. Then SBS Inc works with your team to establish your brand identity or "personality" and how it will relate to three key audiences: your staff, your customers and your competition. This step includes the determination of key audience motivators, as well as key attributes of your company. 3. Developing your brand communications strategy. SBS Inc then goes to the drawing board to create your brand positioning theme, promotional/tactical marketing strategies and messages.