SBS Database Marketing services
SBS can create your copy, set up trials, send out eMails based on the best ROI from your trials, manage your responses (eMail, Web, phone, etc.), send out follow-up messages to anyone who hasn‘t purchased, conduct the online purchase, deliver the products, and even perform customer and technical support. We can also assist you in segmenting your current customer base or in acquiring a list of eMail prospects. Whether you are conducting a one-time promotion or an ongoing campaign, we can offer you an end-to-end solution.

eMail Order Status SBS knows that communication during the buying process is vital to a positive customer experience. Therefore, we continuously update the customer on their order status: "Thank-you for your order," "Your order just shipped," etc. Follow-up eMail

One big difference between a postal mail campaign and an eMail campaign is the incredibly fast feedback loop of eMail. Within a few days, you can quickly understand prospect‘s responses as they are continuously logged and analyzed in SBS‘s eCommerce RMS. The system tracks all possible recipient actions: which individuals clicked on the URL, which viewed the offer, which sent an eMail, which contacted an agent, and which eventually purchased. To maximize ROI, we will set up your eMail campaign to send automatic follow-up messages based on response type (i.e., follow-up eMail "A " to persons who clicked on the URL and viewed the offer but did not purchase, follow-up eMail "B" to persons who sent in an eMail question but did not order, and follow-up eMail "C" to anyone who opened the eMail but did nothing else.

Campaign Response Analysis

Whether your campaign is online, offline, or both, you need to be able to quickly understand whether it is meeting your projections. Online campaigns (banner sites, eMail, etc.) can be easily and quickly modified mid-campaign if they are not achieving an acceptable ROI. You can even run short-term (2- to 3-day) trials prior to committing to a larger program. SBS enables successful short- and long-term campaigns by tying the response mechanisms (eMail, eCommerce, etc.) to the response analysis tools, providing an immediate, ongoing feedback loop.

Customer Contact Management The key to any relationship is communication. Our Relationship Management System helps you to maximize the time you spend interacting with your consumers. We pay attention to what your customers do, what they want, and, given their concerns over privacy, what they don‘t want. Let us help you manage your customer communications: it can make the difference between annoying and delighting your customers. Database Marketing SBS can help you manage your prospect communications (primarily marketing) based on comprehensive demographic and psychographic data. eCare eMail, text chat, phone, mail, fax, push pages, online order status, Web self-help, auto-response eMails, and, soon, voice over the Internet, are just some of our eCare solutions. We can care for your customer when they need it, in the way in which they prefer. Whether using self-help, live agent, or offline eMail and mail, we know how to assure that your customers receive the best overall customer experience. eCommerce SBS defines eCommerce as the entire experience of purchasing goods or services over the Internet. We have offered this service since the early days of eCommerce, when we were pioneers in offering real-time inventory status, real-time taxing based on nexus, real-time payment processing, and more. We can offer this real-time experience because our eCommerce system is tightly integrated to our back-end order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment systems. We can take your customer‘s order; set the right cost and delivery-time expectations; perform the payment processing; pick, pack, and ship the product; and even offer post-sales support. eFulfillment At SBS, fulfillment goes far beyond ordinary package delivery. Our eFulfillment system begins with the customer order (phone, Web, or mail), setting the right expectation on stock availability, taxing based on nexus, shipping fees, total order costs, and delivery dates. We will even pick, pack, and ship the product and handle all customer care related to the order. We can either interface with your existing fulfillment house or manage your inventory for you. eMail Auto-Acknowledge To assure customers that their concerns will be addressed promptly, SBS sends auto-acknowledge messages: eMails that are automatically sent in response to a customer‘s eMail. The message usually reads, "Thank you for your eMail; we will get back to you within 24 hours."

eMail Auto-Response SBS boasts a powerful knowledgebase program that can address customer eMails by extracting appropriate answers and sending the customer a response directly, never requiring any human intervention. eMail Auto-Suggest SBS‘s powerful knowledgebase program can also address customer eMails by extracting appropriate answers and sending them to a human agent who, in turn, verifies their appropriateness - before sending them on to the customer. eMail Marketing