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Our Relationship Management System is our proprietary marketing, customer communication, and relationship management system. By tracking customer history, preferences, LTV, ongoing campaigns, and marketing efforts, we help assure that you acquire profitable customers, keep them, and maximize their value over time. ROI Analysis Return on Investment. SBS‘s Relationship Management System will help you to maximize the value of your customer experience as well as the return on your marketing and enterprise-wide customer care expenditures. Self-Serve The better you treat your customers, the more they will return. But as margins are squeezed, you can‘t always afford to personally touch every customer, every time--nor do they always have the need, or the time, for a personal touch. Today‘s eCommerce is a good example of self-service: your customers are free to help themselves during the purchase process. Other examples of self-service are checking the status of an order online or via IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Our latest offering allows your customers to directly query the same knowledgebase our agents use to resolve their own questions and problems. By this method, the customer can quickly get answers to their questions online without waiting in line for an available agent. Session Log Chat A benefit unavailable in voice conversation is that at the end of a text chat discussion, you can eMail your customers a complete log of the discussion, including any solutions you provided them, Web pages you sent to them, or files you pushed them. Your customers appreciate this information, which enables them to carefully review the tips or answers at a later, more convenient, time. Web Page Push Internet communication offers a unique feature: multi-media experience. With Web page push, your agents can push product, technical support, or any other documents or files to your customer--right through their browser--during a Web chat. Web Self-Service Web self-service occurs when a customer accesses our knowledgebase directly through the Web instead of going through an agent. When you allow your customers the option of working with an agent - or using self-help (and you make the self-help intuitive), many customers will prefer to use self-help because it‘s faster for them. It‘s also less expensive for your business. eCommerce is really just a form of self-service.