HOW2USA Leads to USA
A Unique Issuing Channel In The World,
Delivering American Resources To Chinese Customers
A bridge between China and the U.S.A platform for providing resources of American
A path for Chinese billionaires’ investmentreal estate
in real estate and studying abroadA tool for providing resources of American talents
An opportunity for Chinese enterprisesAn access to advanced system, management
going internationalizationand technology of the U.S.
A guidance for Chinese governmentDirect communication between Chinese and
attracting investment, talent and wisdomAmerican media
Distribution in US QTY
EB-5 Regional Centers 190
Chinese Businesses Associations and Community Organizations 1321
Chinese American Attorneys 2153
Chinese American Accountants 2298
Immigration & Overseas Study Services Travel Agencies Agents, 1014
Financial Advisors 767
Chinese American Banks 707
Chinese American Businesses (other) 36562
Total in US 45012
Distribution in China QTY
Chinese Billionaires 21100
Import & Export Companies in China 20452
State Trade Associations 7936
Occupation Training Institutes 5564
Public traded companies in China 2459
Immigration & Overseas Study Agencies 2367
Principles of Private High Schools and Institutions 2317
Chinese media 2263
Economic Developing Zones in all states and major metro cities 1321
Industrial Parks management offices 1321
Venture Capitalists 1060
Top 1000 brands of Chinese Businesses 1000
College Job s & employment centers 986
5-star hotels 660
Real estate developers 629
Directory of Chinese Provincial Governor 32
Chinese Influential People 100
Mayors’ offices of 500 cities 608
Directory of Chinese county leaders 2280
American Companies in China 604
Top 500 largest companies in China 2011 500
Tourism Promotion Agencies in China 466
Governors’ offices of Major Metro Cities & Counties 426
Capital Investment Promotion Bureaus 318
B2B Web portals 280
English Language Training Institutes 271
University Technology Districts & Labs 195
Trade Promotion Committees of 31 provinces 115
Chamber of Commerce at all state levels in China 104
Top 100 Franchise Brands in China 100
EMBA Training Institutes 67
High Tech Industrial Development Zones 67
Provincal Bureau of Foreign Experts 57
State Agencies of Overseas Chinese Associations & Communities 56
Education Departments of all provinces 49
Overseas Chinese Friendship Organizations 40
State Council Departments 28
Trade Association President offices 27
Affluent Clubs 12
US Embassy offices in China 7
Total in China 78244